Architecture and energy : a new design outlook

Auteur(s) : Roberta Morelli
Éditeur(s) : Editrice Compositori Bologna
Date de publication : 2010

Morelli R., « Architecture and energy : a new design outlook  », in Gelsomino L., Marinoni O. (dir.) European Housing Concepts 1990-2010, Editrice Compositori Bologna, 2010


The book is a sweeping critical repertory of the design orientations of residential architecture in Europe. With approximately 200 examples from 18 countries, richly illustrated with photographs and drawings, it offers a significant overview of built works and emerging trends spanning the period of 1990-2010. It presents the best expressions of an urban architecture that embraces the demand for quality, in the name of effective integration between “housing” and “territory”, and between the private level – the home – and the public one represented by urban space. The housing project is thus also part of the issues of environmental sustainability, urban green space and the built landscape.