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conditions of admission

We recommend that students integrate the ENSA-PB at the beginning of the first semester in September.

Students generally come for the second or third year of study (Bachelor’s Degree) or for the first year of the Master’s degree.

Though it is also possible to come for the fifth year of study (second year of the Master’s degree).

(Students may come for the fifth year of study; in this case they are required to take courses in the Master 1 program).

In all cases, students are required to enroll in the courses offered in the year for which they are registered. Their course of study should be compatible with the structure of the ENSA-PB program in which they are enrolled.

The student must have acquired a sufficient command of the french language, level B1 recommended

application procedure and deadlines for nominations /registrations

The home university nominates students to the ENSA-PB’s international exchanges department by e-mail and then receives the nomination procedure online.

Then the student will receive the link that will allow them to register online.

Deadline for online nominations by universities :

  • 1st semester: April, 12th 2024
  • 2nd semester: October, 18th 2024

Deadline for online registration by students :

  • 1st semester: April, 26th 2024
  • 2nd semester: October, 31th 2024

A certificate of admission to Ensa-PB will be sent to the student.

useful information

We invite you to join the facebook group of the association of students of Ensa-PB “Bellasso” as well as related groups and other support spaces

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