research department at the National School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville

research department at the National School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville

Ryme Abouzeir in charge of administration and finance at IPraus envoyer un message 01 53 38 50 25
Research at the school is carried out within the Parisian Research Institute for Architecture, Urban Planning and Society (Ipraus). Our research team, directed by André Lortie, currently includes 29 permanent researchers and 26 doctoral students. It is one of the four components of AUSser, a joint research unit (UMR) accredited by the CNRS, a mark of recognition in the world of research in France and abroad.

research strengths

  • researchers with an interdisciplinary profil
  • plurality of forms of research (fundamental, R & D)
  • recognised expertise in Grand Paris and Asia
  • a strong link between research, teaching and professional practice
  • dedicated space within the School
  • a resource center and a map library

presentation of the IPraus (Parisian Institute for Research : Architecture Urbanism Society)

Founded in 1986, IPraus is a pioneer research team in France. It aim is to bring together all the Ensa Paris-Belleville research trengths. The involvement of its researchers in license’s, master’s and DSA courses allows for the development and renewal of the educational contents; the unit is also the host team for the doctoral School « Ville Transport Territoire » (Comue Paris-Est : Community of Universities and educational Institutions).

Ipraus is associated with the CNRS through the AUSser joint research unit (UMR 3329), along with teams from three other ENSAs, sharing its structuring topics. Thus, it stands between, on the one hand, the educational approaches and practices of the architectural and urban project and, on the other hand, the human and social sciences.

Such a situation encourages the knowledge production around a single object: architectural and urban space, considered in its connection with social organizations in and through its modes of production, with the Parisian metropolis and Asian cities as specific fields of research.

The Ipraus Researchers’work fits into the structure of the AUsser scientific project :

three topics or fields of research to identify the unit’s research issues and approaches :

  • Heritage and Tourism: construction, narration, reinvention
  • Territories and landscapes in transition
  • Cultures, knowledge, mediations and architectural productions
  • a focus on geographical area: AsiaFocus – Architecture and cities in Asia
  • an experimental laboratory: documentation and digital humanities.

presentation mixt Unit Research AUSser (UMR 3329)

Richard Aroquiame secrétaire général de l’UMR AUSser 3329 envoyer un message 01 53 38 50 51

The CNRS has more than a thousand laboratories spread over the whole of France, mainly Mixed Research Units (MUR), a label of scientific excellence awarded for 5 years. AUsser (Architecture Urbanism Society : knowledge, education, research) is one of the only MUR consisting of research teams from Schools of architecture, organised on a common scientific project

It was founded with teams (Ipraus/ENSA Paris-Belleville and ACS/ENSA Paris-Malaquais) in January 2010 under the authority of both the CNRS and Ministry of Culture and renewed in 2014 by incorporating two other teams (AHTTEP/ENSA Paris-la Villette ; OCS/EAV&T Marne-la-Vallée).

Led by Cristiana Mazzoni since septembre 2018, MUR AUSser currently has 80 permanent researchers and some sixty doctoral students. Its administratif head office is located at the ENSA Paris-Belleville.

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