an inclusive school

an inclusive school


Article 123-4-2 of the Education Code states : “Higher education institutions enrol students with disabilities or disabling health problems, within the framework of the provisions regulating their access in the same way as other students, and ensure their training by implementing the adjustments necessary for their situation in the organisation, progress and support of their studies.

The doctors of the Student Health Service are the only health professionals who can propose adjustments to studies, examinations and competitions in higher education at the university by virtue of the authorisation of the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of the Disabled (CDAPH)

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The ENSA-PB is committed on a daily basis to facilitating access to education for students with disabilities. Foreign students who come to Ensa-PB on a mobility programme must provide a disability certificate from their home university.

An accessible building

The law requires that every establishment be accessible to students with disabilities. In 2009, the architect Jean Paul Philippon renovated the school’s new buildings at 60 bd de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement, taking this obligation into account.

Support systems

A disability advisor exists in each school. Students with disabilities should contact the school’s disability advisor to arrange the necessary accommodations for their studies.
Disability advisor at Ensa-PB: Chantal Marion, 0153385031,

Facilities adapted to individual needs :

  • Badge for access to the lifts for the physically disabled
  • note-taking by a peer,
  • setting up of a tutorial,
  • provision of adaptation tools and facilities,
  • Adaptation of examination conditions : extra time, examination room, provision of adapted teaching materials, adapted tests, sign language interpreter

Steps to take

→ Make an appointment with Chantal Marion, 0153385031, at the Department of Studies.
→ Contact the university preventive medicine service, which will provide all the necessary medical information.

The doctors of the preventive medicine services prescribe accommodations for all situations of disability. The Department of Studies determines and implements the necessary accommodations, following the doctor’s advice. The decision is notified to the student.

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