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Calendar at the start of the second semester 2022-2023

August / September 2022 :

  • Delivery of the school access badge and the school certificate
  • Intensive french course
  • Architectural visits
  • Welcome session
  • Presentation of the teachings
  • Pedagogic registration (choice of an educational courses)
    You will be provided with a pedagogic registration form and a schedule for the semester and be asked to rank the studios and courses in order of preference. The director of studies will make every effort to meet your expectations depending on the number of avalaible places but it will not necessarily join your first choice.

             Beginning of classes with the Intensive week

French classes

  • Intensive course
    An intensive French course will take place in late August / September 2022
  • Extensive course
    Each semester, in order to continue learning French, two hours of French classes per week are offered as part of the programme.

These courses are free and organized by Ensa-PB.

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