dsa architectural and urban project management: order formulation and project management

dsa architectural and urban project management: order formulation and project management

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Post-graduate diploma (DSA) in architecture, specialized in “Architectural and urban project management: Formulation of the order and management of the project”. The DSA is organised in partnership with the École d’architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est. The study of real estate, urban and territorial project management. Acquiring the keys to understanding and analyzing the issues, logics and dynamics that govern the project process, from an operational perspective.

skills to be acquired

  • Ability to control the order process.
  • Integration of an understanding and practice of the contracting authority’s tools and of assistance to the contracting authority.
  • Develop a capacity for critical reflection in relation to the practices of the contracting authority.

key points

  • Direct contact with the actors of project management in France. The majority of professors involved in the course are project owners.
  • Working with the aforementioned actors in a project ownership workshop in response to a real-life order.
  • Preparation for working in the field of project managment assistance.

professional integration

DSA graduates have access to a wide range of sectors (project managment, project managment assistance, project management) in areas that are either operational, focused on consultancy and expertise, or research-oriented.

  • Project managment : operations manager or program manager working for local authorities (towns or public inter-municipal cooperation organizations, regional and departmental councils, local public development companies), semi-public companies, low-rent housing organizations, development and construction offices, private developers, and certain large public companies.
  • Assistance to the project manager : intervening at organisational, technical, legal, financial or environmental levels during the programming, design and implementation phases of construction operations.
  • Project management: project manager in urban engineering offices, urban and/or architectural project management agencies

programme per semester

—three types of teaching: ○ thematic sessions consisting of a seminar backed up by classes and practical work which focus on the in-depth study of major issues across the field of project ownership,
○ lecture courses on the essential aspects of project ownership,
○ a project managment workshop over a one-year period, to challenge operational approaches, identify emerging problems and explore new tools and practices, based on a real-life “commissioning” situation.
—professional work simulation
—thesis writing

continuing education

Since 19 December 2018, the DSA “Architectural and urban project ownership: order and project management formulation” has been registered in the “specific directory” (formerly inventory) by the national commission for professional certification, thus allowing it to be funded as continuing education. https://inventaire.cncp.gouv.fr/fiches/4338/

course duration

  • 3 semesters / 700h supervised hours
  • 90 ects

diploma awarded

post-graduate diploma specialized in “Architectural and urban project ownership: order formulation and project management” (national higher education postgraduate diploma)


required qualifications
All of the DSAs are open to architects with a French diploma (DPLG, ADE, DESA) or an equivalent foreign diploma (Bac+5 level) or a Master’s 2 in the following fields: geography, landscaping, engineering, urban planning.

application requirements
—letter of motivation
—note relating to professional project
—file to download: www.paris-belleville.archi.fr/formations/admission/dsa/

submission of applications
The application form must be returned by e-mail and by post (or deposit) to the DSA department by the last Friday in June.

number of places available : 20 per dsa

enrolment fees : http://www.paris-belleville.archi.fr/formations/admission/dsa/


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