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Calendar at the start of the second semester 2024-2025

semester 1 (late August to mid-January)

  • intensive architect’s french course (late August-early September)
  • delevery of the school entrance badge and certificate of enrolment over breakfast
  • welcome session (introduction by the Director of the school, speech by the Director of International Relations, presentation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s course programmes by the Director of Studies), tour of the school by the “Le Bellasso” student association, followed by a convivial meal with other students.
  • presentation of courses.
  • registration (choice of courses). Students are given an enrolment form and a timetable for the semester. They will be asked to rank in order of preference the studios and courses for the year in which they are enrolled. The Department of Studies will do its best to meet their expectations in terms of space constraints, but cannot always honour their first or second choice.
  • courses start with the “Intensive” week (compulsory).

semester 2 (end of January to mid-June)

For all the incoming students : courses start with the “Intensive” week (compulsory)

For the new incoming students :

  • delivery of the school entrance badge and certificate of enrolment over breakfast, followed by a tour of the school by the “Le Bellasso” student association and an architectural visit given by a teacher from the school.
  • Please note the presentation of courses and seminars takes place in December. As the students are not at the school, course registrations are made by e-mail at this time.

architect’s french course

  • intensive course : 30 hours at the end of August/September.
  • extensive course : 22 hours of French lessons per semester (2 hours per week).

These courses are free and organised by Énsa-PB.

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